About the company

We produce all products on our own production line located in the city of St. Petersburg. The product line includes more than 300 items. From water sleds and life jackets to industrial pneumatic hangars and equipment for the military and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The photos of completed projects that you can see on the website are developed and implemented by our employees. We have certificates of conformity for all products manufactured by the Olymp plant.


Olympus is a manufacturing company with its own developments and a high level of technical equipment. We are ready to implement any non-standard project according to the customer’s terms of reference, provide branding and installation supervision services. The deadline for making urgent orders is from 3 days.


In production, we use high-quality Russian and European materials: five-layer reinforced PVC fabric, TPU film, AirDeck, which do not aggravate properties and do not become cloudy under the harshest external conditions. The minimum warranty period assigned to our products is 12 months.


Delivery is carried out by any transport company (at the customer’s choice) on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. If necessary, it is possible to send by railway transport and aviation.


From year to year we increase production capacity, expand the staff and increase the level of technical equipment. Today we produce up to 100 air-framed tents and 10 hangars per year. By 2023, we plan to increase the volume of products by 30%.


We actively supply our products abroad. Our partners are located in the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan and Belarus. We strive to enter new sales markets, therefore we strive to offer partners and dealers the best conditions.


We actively participate in tenders and public procurement. We cooperate with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

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About production

All products in our production are manufactured using the modern method of hot welding of seams. Self-propelled automatic machine allows you to perform more than 15 types of welding seams. The application of images on products is possible in two ways: through a stencil using a special solvent paint that does not fade and is not subject to abrasion, or by printing on PVC material. In our work, we use only proven materials, such as high-density five-layer reinforced PVC.

At this stage, a product model is being created. The design bureau in tandem with the designers develop a technical layout of the product and complement it with 3D visualizations for clarity.

Based on the purpose of the product, Olympus specialists select an acceptable density of PVC material (from 650 to 1650 g/m2). PVC fabric consists of five layers. The central reinforcing layer affects the strength of the fabric. The greater the number of threads it consists of, the less likely mechanical damage is. Two outer layers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are responsible for water and air permeability. The adhesive gel binds all the above layers into a single whole. The product retains elasticity in subzero temperatures thanks to the plasticizer and demonstrates this property in the temperature range from -50 °C to +60 °C.

PVC material is marked up, simple elements of the product are painted manually, for complex layouts they resort to cutting using an automated Autometrix Radium machine. The master sets the program, and the cutting head of the equipment divides the PVC fabric into the specified number of parts.

At this stage, all parts of the future structure are assembled into a single whole using hot air welding. With this technology, it is not a problem to perform gluing in the most difficult places. The seam is smooth, without swellings and unnecessary bends. Additionally, from the inside and outside it is reinforced with PVC fabric tape. This allows you to extend the service life of the product.

Before sending the product to the customer, we conduct a two-day set of tests. We fix the parameters of stretching, adhesive strength, check the frame for bleaching, the production manager personally checks each seam with a special awl. These measures eliminate the possibility of manufacturing defects and ensure a long service life of our products.

After passing the welding quality control and checking the seams for bleed, the stage of fittings begins. For finishing, only modern methods of gluing PVC elements and pneumatic structures are used. As a result, the elements cannot be torn off in normal conditions.

Technical documentation is printed for the finished product.
It should be checked for compliance with regulations. And then it remains only to complete the equipment, packaging and preparation for subsequent shipment.

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For all products manufactured by the plant «Olymp», we have a certificate of conformity.


Legal address:
460052, Orenburg region, Orenburg, Avtomobilistov str., 37/1.

Actual address:
188671, Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsky district, Romanovskoye rural settlement, Sputnik Ave., first passage, uch.3, p.1.

Shared phone number:
8 (800) 250-54-99 (TOLL-FREE in Russia)

Sales Department:
8 (911) 816-48-10

Main: info@air-olimp.ru (for questions and KP request)

Additional: zakaz@air-olimp.ru (for invoicing and offers)

Ofice: Monday-Saturday from 9.00-18.00

Production: Monday-Saturday from 9.00-18.00


Full name of the organization:
Limited Liability Company «Olymp»

Short name of the organization:
Olymp LLC

Legal address:
460052, Orenburg region, Orenburg, Avtomobilistov str., 37/1

Actual address:
188671, Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsky district, Romanovskoye rural settlement, Sputnik Ave., first passage, uch.3, p.1.

ИНН: 5609194961
КПП: 560901001
ОГРН: 1205600006842
ОКПО: 44516928

БИК: 042202824
Correspondent account: 30101810200000000824
Payment account: 40702810729250004504

БИК: 044525058
Correspondent account: 30101810045250000058
Payment account: 40702810811010736235

General manager: Kornyushenko Vladimir Vladimirovich acts on the basis of the Charter

Dealers of the Olymp plant

Region Dealer Number Mail
Belarus, Minsk Sole proprietor Dmitry Anatolyevich Bachilo +375293973110
Russia, Orenburg

SSK Group of Companies

+79058141530 mail@gkcck.ru

Become more successful with «Olymp»:

  1. High quality products, customized products from the manufacturer;
  2. Warranty and technical support of products throughout Russia;
  3. We value our partners and offer favorable terms of cooperation in all areas of the company’s activities.